It filters out explicit content to help kids surf the net safely.

A website called Kiddle is on a mission to help kids Google safely by providing a heavily filtered platform for browsing the web.

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Powered by an embedded Google custom search bar, Kiddle blocks explicit search terms and content to filter out any potentially harmful NSFW content we wouldn’t want our kids to see.

Kiddle says that all of its content is either handpicked by its editors, or filtered by Google safe search – although it’s worth noting that Google isn’t actually affiliated with the site in any way. Kiddle has even gone as far as blacklisting particular content like celebrity names which, although aren’t immediately offensive, might lead to potentially harmful or NSFW content. Pamela Anderson, for instance, hasn’t made the cut.

Puppy-related games, however, are in abundance:Kiddle puppy searchLike Google, Kiddle lets young browsers see their results in web, image, video, and news format. Its thumbnails are a little bigger to help kids scan the results faster, and all text is in large Arial font for easy reading. The first results that appear on Kiddle will be the handpicked content, followed by kid sites, then adult sites that have all been subject to the scrupulous eye of Google safe search.

If you ever notice Kiddle bringing up any dodgy content that isn’t in keeping with its strict child-friendly policies, you can fill in a form to make Kiddle aware of the offending keywords or sites. Kiddle says it will have it sorted within one working day, which is pretty nippy.

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