Klikr is a teeny device that sticks onto your remote controlled gadgets to let you use your smartphone as a voice-activated control.

With a Klikr stuck on or next to your ‘dumb’ TV, speakers, or pretty much anything you control with a remote, you can now have full power over all your gadgets from a single app on your smartphone.

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Call it the whatsit, dooberry, doo-dar, or even the hoofer-doofer, the humble remote is still one of the most important little devices in your life. So important, in fact, that you probably have several. Sadly, they’re all determined to keep you in a lifelong game of hide and seek.

But with Klikr, you can finally kiss goodbye to the weekly heartache of losing at that game, because it makes your phone the one remote to rule them all. Klikr lets you change the TV channel, skip music tracks, and even open your smart blinds just by telling your phone what you want to happen.

You’ll be able to access your entire fleet of gadgets though the app’s dashboard with just a swipe, organise them by room, and save them to the cloud. You don’t always have to use the voice activation feature either. You can just go into the app and manually control your devices using its controls, if you wish.

Klikr isn’t just a substitute for your mischievous gang of remotes though. It also has cool customisable features like smart pausing and muting, meaning if you get a phone call while you’re watching Netflix, it’ll instantly pause or mute as soon as you pick up, and then return to normal when you’re done.

It gives you a much better range than your old remote controls too, letting you command your gadgets to do your bidding from a 10-metre range. Your Klikr will last for six months on a single battery, with ‘normal use’ of around one hundred clicks a day.

You’ll need one Klikr for each ‘dumb’ thing you want to make smart. So it’s lucky they’re only $22 (fifteen quid) each. Buy them here.


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