Kurv is a pocket-sized digital guitar that teaches you to play like a pro without the finger pain.

Updated: Kurv met its funding goal and is now available for pre-order for $245 on Indiegogo, with a release date of November 2016.

Designed to fit the shape of your palm, Kurv is a tiny stringless device that plays like a real guitar using touch, motion and gestures.

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Kurv is essentially like playing air guitar, except real sound comes out. With Kurv strapped to your hand, you can strum, pick and shred imaginary strings and actually make music. No nasty finger calluses, no achey beginners’ guitar claw. Just endless hours of painless play from a minuscule device you can carry in your pocket.

The Kurv itself is a tiny touchpad that tucks into the palm of your hand. There are eight easy-reach pressure-sensitive points on the pad that can produce all notes in the chromatic scale, including the full set of chords. It comes with a chunky triangular pick packed with motion sensors to pick up on your playing style.

Kurv connects to a free app on your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth. It plays guitar sounds via your iOS device, or through a pair or compatible speakers or a guitar amp should you hook one up. You can choose to play Kurv like an acoustic, electric, or bass guitar.

To play, you simply press down on one of the pressure-sensitive points, and air-strum using the pick. The harder you strum, the louder the sound. Your hand movements will also add realistic effects. Flick Kurv sideways to turn the octave up or down, flick it down to switch between single notes and chords, and shake it to create a vibrato effect.

If you’re a complete beginner, there are tons of tutorials in the Kurv app to get you started, including music sheets for 60 hit songs like Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’ (that old classic). The app lets you track your progress over time, and provides intuitive feedback on your playing to help you improve.

It comes in small, medium, or large sizes to suit all hands.