It's kind of like having another family member who just does everything you say.

If you’ve been holding out getting a smart home hub until you find one you deem worthy of sitting at the helm of your humble home, L.U.C.Y. might just be your match.

A giant wall-mounted HD touchscreen with a built-in camera, L.U.C.Y. can speak, listen, control gadgets and even recognise faces. And when you’re not using her services, she can display art and photos like a sleek digital canvas.

There are a few ways you can interact with L.U.C.Y. You can use her companion phone app, speak to her, swipe on her touch screen, or walk up to her. For the latter, she’ll instantly recognise your face and prepare your custom personal preferences, which is pretty neat.

When you’ve got her attention, it’s pretty much up to you what she does next. Thanks to her built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee protocol, she’s primed to control your smart home gadgets, search the internet, check the weather, book you a table at a restaurant, and all of the cool stuff you’d expect from an incredibly smart virtual assistant.

She has some handy tricks for keeping the family in touch too – taking virtual messages, setting reminders and taking notes for the next person to find. You can customise who picks up messages and ask L.U.C.Y. to relay all kinds of information to your loved ones. Again, you can do all of this via the app, on L.U.C.Y.’s touchscreen or just by giving her the word. She’s easy.

L.U.C.Y. smart home virutal assistant

To make everything nice and quick, Lucy has a customisable dashboard that you can design yourself with your favourite apps and shortcuts. This means you can add special icons for stuff like controlling your smart thermostat, switching on your connected lightbulbs, or checking Instagram.

L.U.C.Y. is currently braving the scrutiny of Kickstarter, but is well on her way to meeting her funding goal with still a month left to go. You can jump in line nice and early to grab L.U.C.Y. for €358 (around £300).