If you're prepared to fork out for this pricey smart iron you have serious issues with creases.

Swiss maker of irons, Laurastar, unveiled a brand new iron at the IFA tech show in Berlin last week, and if you want it, you have to be prepared to part with a sweet $1,400 (around £1,050).

According to CNET, the Laurastar Smart iron comes equipped with its own ironing board with a built-in water tank and filter, and can connect to an app on your phone via Bluetooth.

Why on earth do you need an app for your iron, you ask? To unlock a whole world of crease-flattening science and to turn you into the ironing champion you always knew you could be, of course.


In the app, you’ll find ironing tutorials and real-time guides to help you perfect your technique, along with statistics about your Laurastar ironing gear, like your water levels, your ironing board cover’s level of wear and your time spent ironing.

Because everybody needs to know how exactly many hours of their life they’ll never get back because they were flattening shirt collars and making perfect creases in chinos.

Although hopefully, it’ll be significantly less time than you currently spend with your boring dumb iron, because Laurastar smart comes with a blower and vacuum system, which should stop those sneaky folds and creases appearing in the layer of fabric underneath while you glide.

Laura Smart is launching in the US in the new few months, and is set to hit the UK in Q4 of 2017.

Story via: CNET