One card to protect them all...

No matter how hard you try to make sure your cash and cards are always tucked safely in your pocket or bag, there’s no guarantee that they won’t one day drop out, fall into the wrong hands, or get left behind somewhere when your concentration slips. Want to solve that problem without having lug a portable high-security vault with you everywhere you go? Just grab LEIF.

A credit card-shaped device that slips inside your existing wallet or purse’s card slot, LEIF puts custom radius tracking, pick pocket alerts and tons more smart safety features right in your pocket.

LEIF appWith LEIF’s phone app, you can drop pins on a map to let LEIF know where it’s safe to be apart from the card (like your house), and where it’s not. If LEIF detects that you’ve strayed more than 30 feet outside of your pinned radius, it will send an alert to your phone and help direct you back to your wallet by counting down the feet until you’re reunited with it.

Thinking what we’re thinking? If a thief has nabbed your wallet, you can get real-time guidance to stay hot on their heels and track down your stolen belongings. In the event that you’ve just accidentally left your wallet behind somewhere or forgotten where you’ve put it, you can click Find in the LEIF app any time to get help retracing your steps to where you last left it.

LEIF purse trackerAnd if you happen to have left your wallet somewhere like a restaurant, bar or cinema, the LEIF app uses Google maps to pull information from where it was last detected, and then gives you a phone number to call to let them know you’re on your way to reclaim it.

Don’t hear the notification on your phone? The app will automatically drop a pin on the exact location of your wallet when you got the notification, which is a handy little safety net.

LEIF is skinny, durable and flexible to survive knocks, bumps and bends, and has a battery life of around one year. Even better, it’s cheaper than you’re average smart wallet, sitting at $35 (around £27) in its early bird days on Kickstarter. Pre-order it now for shipping in January 2017.