Meet the latest smart tech that wants to send your pets to the brink of distraction.

The Mobile World Congress is abuzz with all of the latest weird and wonderful gizmos in the world of mobile tech, and this curious little ball is one of the most memorable new faces.

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Part smart home remote, part pet-teaser, LG’s Rolling Bot is a bleeping, laser-shooting, remote-controlled device that bumbles around your house performing useful tasks. Oh, and taunting poor old Mr. Snuggles.

The spherical little widget is designed to be controlled remotely by LG’s new G5 smartphone, and comes with an onboard camera, speaker, and laser pointer. In “Pet Mode”, Rolling Bot will spin around to amuse your pets, and let you project its laser onto nearby surfaces to send them into a frenzy.

You can steer Rolling Bot through its camera’s live feed on the G5, which also gives you anytime access to what your pets are up to when you’re not in. If you ever see them wreaking havoc with the living room furniture or attempting to abseil down the dining room curtains, you can give them a good shout down via Rolling Bot’s speakers.

LG says Rolling Bot will also let you remotely operate various household appliances, including the ability to switch on the TV if you happen to lose the remote.

There’s no word yet on when Rolling Bot will be available to unleash upon your unwitting furry companions, but here’s a little glimpse of it in action:

Video via GSM Arena