Move over Amazon Echo...

LG Uplus, a subsidiary of LG, has announced plans to lunch a pair of voice-activated smart gadgets to act as hubs for your smart home.

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The first in the smart duo is a device dubbed the IoT Hub, a listening smart speaker that listens out for voice commands 24/7. You’ll be able to use it control all sorts of smart home devices like locks, thermostats, and light bulbs.

By the sounds of it, the IoT hub has practically identical voice-recognition innards to one our smart home favourites, Amazon Echo. Echo uses an onboard voice assistant called Alexa to do your bidding, but it’s unclear whether the LG Uplus will also anthropomorphise its virtual assistant with a name. Like Echo, the IoT hub also has a ring of LED lights on the top, presumably to indicate its status.

LG Uplus’s second offering is the not so snappy sounding tvG Woofer Set Top Box. This little fella sits underneath your TV, complete with a four-channel speaker, two subwoofers, and microphones that can detect your voice regardless of where you are in the room or whether there’s any buzz in the background.

The Set Top Box is designed to play all of your home entertainment through its speakers, and like it’s IoT hub buddy, it can follow voice instructions, letting you search for something to watch on the box and navigating menus simply by speaking.

There’s been no sniff of a release date or price for the Uplus duo – that is, if they ever make it into production.