Fancy a game of Apple Watch bobbing?

Wireless charging is the mind blowing tech du jour that has everyone’s jaws dropping, but this anti gravity LIFT charger kind of makes it look old school.

Inspired by Tesla’s ideas around transferring electricity through the air, the LIFT charger uses a newfangled induction system to make your Apple Watch or Pebble wrist kit levitate in thin air while it juices up. It’s pretty mesmerising.

anti gravity LIFt chargerTo begin charging, you just have to pop your wearable onto its holder, position it over the centre of the base, wait until it starts to just, and summon up the courage to let go. When you take your hand away, your watch will stay floating where you left it, magically sucking up power over the ether.

You can still interact with your watch the usual way while it’s charging- give it a gentle tap and it will stay faithfully bobbing in the air.

anti gravity lift charger interactingThe lovely part is that when you’re not using it to charge your wrist gear, it doesn’t just have to be a latent block of black on your bedside table. Pop its orb onto the base, and it will become a levitating lamp that gently glows while it hovers.

anti gravity LIFT charger lamp

And if you’re disappointed your smartphone hasn’t had a look in yet, there’s good news. The base has an internal battery to transform it into a portable power bank, giving you two full phone charges on the go. No levitating phone though, sadly.

LIFT has soared straight to Kickstarter fame with still a month left to rake in funding. You can grab an early bird deal for $199 (around £153). Worldwide shipping is set for October this year.