They'r designed to add a little infrared magic to your home security system.

Maker of WiFi lightbulbs, LIFX, has announced a brand new LED light strip and light bulb – the latter coming with a slightly out of the ordinary feature for a lightbulb.

As well as the ability to beam 16 million colours, the upcoming LIFX + lightbulb can shine infrared rays into your home – a kind of light that the human eye can’t actually see.

So why does it do it? Well, infrared light is used to help security cameras see in the dark, and LIFX hopes that its new bulb will help give our existing security cameras with night vision a much clearer view and a longer range.

LIFX Z LED lightstrip

The LIFX Z LED lightstrip comes with individually addressable “zones”

Don’t have a security camera with night vision? Switch on the light, and it’ll be like putting a pair of night vision goggles on your cam.

The new LED light strip, LIFX Z, comes sans infrared, but it’s got enough smart tricks in the bag to hold its own. It’s 2 metres long with eight “zones” per metre, which you can individually program with different colours.

If 2 metres of jazzy light simply isn’t enough, you can buy addition one-metre extensions to lengthen the strip.

Samsung SmartThings

LIFX lights can work in harmony with smart home systems like Samsung SmartThings

Like all of LIFX’s smart lights, the two new additions rely on WiFi for control, letting you control them easily from absolutely anywhere with an app on your phone.

You can also use both alongside other LIFX lights and products in your home, as well as devices from top smart home platforms like Samsung SmartThings, Logitech Pop, and the Arlo Q HD security camera.

Both lights start shipping in November. You can pre-order the LIFX + bulb for $79.99 (around £63) here, and the LIFX Z lightstrip for $89.99 (around £70) here. The one-metre extensions can be bought for $29.99 (around £24).