It’s always a lightbulb that appears above a cartoon character’s head when they have a bright idea. But what if the lightbulbs above our heads were the bright idea?

Smart lighting pioneer Sengled has just launched a range of Wi-Fi connected smart bulbs that do so much more than light up your life.

Sengled Pulse Light Bulb

As well as a range of ambient colours like red, white and silver, Sengled Wi-Fi connected lightbulbs double up as a virtually invisible speaker system. Simply screw them into your existing light and you’ve got your very own overhead stereo lighting system.


Each individual bulb comes with its own app, which lets you control both the lighting level and speaker volume from your smartphone or tablet. You can even use the bulbs as part of a surround sound system, streaming audio from your TV. There’s even a white noise, dim light setting designed to help send your kids off to sleep.


The full range of Sengled lightbulbs is available now on The Pulse Starter Kit with 8 lightbulbs is priced at £149, with additional bulbs priced at £64.