Go forth and catch all the Jigglypuffs you can carry.

There are only two things wrong with Pokémon Go that we won’t ever get over. Firstly, it’s not real. You can’t actually carry a cuddly little Pikachu in your backpack. Secondly, it sucks up your phone battery something chronic.

Luckily, we’re here to give you genius solutions for both dilemmas. For the former, grab yourself a Chihuahua or similar, and dress it in this Pikachu doggy costume. Sorted. For the latter, snap up this LinearFlux PokeCharger and go on an epic Pokéhunt without fearing the low phone battery blues.

LinearFlux PokeCharger Pokemon Go battery packPacking 3.0 Amp HyperCharging tech, the LinearFlux PokeCharger is a portable battery pack that can juice up an iPhone at twice the speed of your average charger while you’re on the road scouting for Pokémon. It comes with its own lightning connector, but there’s a second USB port for Androiders or Apple Watch users.

A tri-colour LED light on the top of the battery pack indicates your phone’s charging progress, and to top it off, the whole shebang is sporting the Pokémon livery, making it look like it could be a gadget straight from Ash’s backpack of tricks.

The even better news is that at the time of writing, the LinearFlux PokeCharger is up for half price. Usually $79.99 (around £60), it’s currently up for grabs here for $39.99 (around £30). Now go and catch that dratted Snorlax.