The all-conquering universal remote is rumoured to be beta-testing voice control through Amazon's voice assistant.

Anyone playing smart home with the Logitech Harmony universal remote might soon be able to dabble in a spot of hands-free voice control via Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa.

The rumour sparks from a post on the smart home tech blog ZatsNotFunny, which shows an email from Logitech recruiting beta testers to trial Logitech Harmony with Alexa support. Beta users with the larger Amazon Echo voice-controlled Bluetooth speaker will be able to speak commands to Alexa and have the Harmony remote perform its chores without even needing to be picked up.

Logitech Harmony Amazon Alexa

Pic via: ZatsNotFunny

So what kind of tricks will that let you pull? Because Logitech Harmony can also talk to devices over Bluetooth as well as the old-school IR standard or other remote controls, it can control everything from your TV, Blue-ray player and music system to your games console and smart home gadgets. The Harmony database boasts well over 250,000 devices, including big players like Philips Hue.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is Alexa’s flagship device, putting home control a your beck and call.

The remote has a touchscreen as well as buttons, putting the power to mimic commands from up to 15 remote controls at your fingertips. Just think about it. That’s 14 less remote controls to lose down the back of the sofa, spill your cup of tea on, and have thrown at your head by your toddler.

For the moment, it looks like the beta is closed and there’s no indication when it will be available to the general public. Given the lightspeed rate that Amazon Alexa adds strings to her bow, though, it surely can’t be long.