Control your blinds, lights, thermostat and the volume on the box using the remote with the Logitech Harmony app for Android TV.

If you’ve got a smart Android TV like a Samsung or Sony, and you’re also dabbling in a spot of app-based smart home control using a Harmony Hub, you’ll be pleased to hear that Logitech has just launched a new TV app for you to play with.

Available to download now on Google Play, the app adds smart home control to any hub-based Harmony remote you might be using alongside your hub to control your TV. Just by pointing and clicking the remote while you’re lounging on the sofa, you could crank up the temperature on your smart thermostat, dim your smart lights and turn up the volume on your speakers for the ultimate night in front of the box.

It’s a tantalising prospect, but it’s admittedly a rather niche list of requirements to meet for the use of one single app. Not everyone has a smart TV just yet – let alone a gang of smart home gadgets at their beck and call. Lucky we’re here to help you build your own smart home from scratch, then, eh?

* Story via: Engadget