Keep your iPhone juiced up on the go with this chic new range of wireless charging handbags.

Kate Spade has partnered with Chicago-based startup Everpurse to create this range of handbags that charge your iPhone wherever you are from a tiny concealed pocket.

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Being caught short of power before the day is over is the stuff of nightmares. Worse still is the torment of actually having a phone charger, but nowhere to plug it in.

If the very thought of that makes your brow sweat, and you also happen to have a penchant for the finer things in life, the Kate Spade x Everpurse collab is one for you.

The range, which includes small wristlet pouches and larger leather totes, charges your iPhone on the move using Everpurse’s clever wireless charging tech.

The magic begins with your handbag’s mini charging mat, which plugs into the mains like your regular charger. All you need to do is simply pop your handbag on the mat, and wait for the LED light to turn green to let you know it’s ready to grab and go.

Now for the really cool part. There’s an iPhone-shaped pocket inside each handbag lined with smart-docking technology. When you put your iPhone in the pocket, it perfectly guides it to an Apple lightning connector, thus filling it up with the sacred juice of life.

Wherever and whenever you put your iPhone in the pocket, it’ll automatically pump it full of power. There’s enough oomph from one session on the bag’s charging mat to give you an entire day of wire and fuss-free charging.

When your iPhone’s battery reaches 100 per cent, the pocket will make sure it stays fresh full of battery until the next time you take it out of the pocket.

And there you have it. Low battery panic banished for good – without cables, plug sockets, or heartache. Oh, and the Kate Spade handbags are, naturally, pretty lovely too.

The range is compatible with all iPhones on sale, and all that smart Everpurse tech is airport and credit card safe.

You can currently grab a black or navy wristlet pouch for $198 (£132) from Everpurse. Each comes with a 10W USB adaptor, high current USB cable, and three docks to use with iPhone 5/5S, 6/6S, and 6+/6S+. Watch out for their larger totes coming soon.


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