Torch is a smart router that gives you complete control of how and when your family browses the web from an app on your smartphone or tablet.

With a simple app interface that gives you fast, easy access to your router’s control centre, Torch lets you control which sites your kids can access, when they can visit them, and even for how long.

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Worried your kids are straying onto unsavoury content? Hit the “pause” button at any time to literally pause the internet. Concerned they’re browsing late into the night? Give the internet a bedtime on certain devices, and never have to negotiate around that extra five minutes they’re demanding to finish their level or watch just one more YouTube video.

And if you can’t imagine the sheer parental power that’ll put at your fingertips, Torch has kindly dramatised it for you…

It’s all completely customisable, so you can set individual profiles for all your Wi-Fi devices via the app, meaning your kid’s internet curfew doesn’t get in the way of your late night Netflix binge, or emails coming through to your phone.

The Torch app also gives you a detailed overview of how everyone in the family is using the internet, with stats like what websites every device on the network is browsing, how much data they’re using, and total time spent online. There isn’t much that can get past Torch. Even if anyone happens to slink into incognito mode, Torch will still tell you what sites they’re browsing.

Torch iPad app

You can pre-order a Torch smart router for an early bird price of $125 (around £80) from the successful Kickstarter campaign, with delivery estimated for March 2016.


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