Want to rustle up a meat feast without having to stand sweating over the BBQ? You need Meater.

Cooking meat just right can be a complex guessing game, but Meater wants to help you nail it every time. A smart meat thermometer that sits in your meat while it’s cooking, Meater constantly monitors the internal temperature of your meat and sends an alert to your phone when it’s at its prime.

Whether you’re preparing a juicy roast chicken, a sizzling steak or a string of succulent BBQ sausages, Meater’s dual sensor system will keep a close eye on practically any cut of meat, and give you a handy heads up when it’s time to tuck in.

With the app for iOS and Android, you can tell it exactly what you’re about to cook and how you want to cook it, and get an estimated cooking time based on your meal. While your meat’s browning away nicely, the Meater app will keep you posted with not only the internal temperature of your meat, but also the temperature outside it – perfect if you’re smoking fish or steaming chicken.

Meater BBQWhen your food has reached the correct internal temperature, Meater will buzz and send a notification to the app on your phone to let you know you need to plate up. The gadget takes into account the resting temperature of your food too, making sure it can’t overcook once it has been removed from the heat.

The great thing about Meater is that it’s wire-free, with all of its clever tech tucked safely inside the probe itself. That includes a Bluetooth and WiFi connection, which hook it up your phone and the cloud. Need to nip to the shops for more ingredients? Not a problem. You can have instant access to your cooking cut of meat wherever you are via the cloud.

Meater ovenMeater’s battery lasts for 48 hours of hardcore continuous cooking until it needs a juice up using its charging cable. For the multi-tasking chef, you can also get hold of a Meater Block, which acts as a charging and control port for up to four devices without the need for a smartphone.

Got five-thousand in-laws visiting for a summer BBQ? This gadget could be your life-saver.

You can buy Meater from Indiegogo for just $59 (around £45), or a Meater Block and four Meaters for $169 (around £130). A release date is set for September this year and shipping is worldwide.