This robotic squeegee wants to do away with your mop and bucket.

From the maker of the infamous Roomba comes the iRobot Scooba 450, a floor-scrubbing robot that powerfully cleans your floors in 20 minutes.

With ample water and a helping of iRobot Hard Floor Cleaner in its tank, Scooba 450 will set to work pre-soaking, sweeping, and scrubbing your grimy floors at the touch of a button. iRobot says its Cinderella-bot can wash away 99.3% of household bacteria in a single clean.

Scooba 450’s three-cycle cleaning process eliminates the need to sweep your floors before a clean, and it also runs on the same iAdapt technology as its older sibling, the Roomba, meaning it can map out your rooms to ensure it never scrubs the same patch twice.

It also has a helpful squeegee vacuum to suction the dirty water off the floor, keeping it in a separate tank to the robot’s clean water. Its scrubbing brush spins at over 600 RPM, which probably isn’t humanly possible with a mop without causing yourself some serious back damage, or at least turning your mop into a pile of splinters.

Scooba 450 comes with the option of a DryDock Charging and Drying Stand (sold separately) that acts as a compact storage unit, and also reduces drying time and microbial build-up while it’s charging.

You can buy iRobot Scooba 450 for £599.99.