These smart-making little MeWatt plugs turn your "dumb" gadgets smart and tell you how to use them efficiently.

If you’re keen to bring some IoT thinking to your existing household of gadgets but you’re concerned about your bills rising and your carbon footprint expanding, you might want to invest in a smart solution like a MeWatt plug.

Equipped with a WiFi brain for talking to your smartphone, MeWatt gives you the power of remote control over your gadgets with just a few taps. Just plug MeWatt into a power socket, plug a regular gadget like your kettle, TV or lamp, and you can switch them on and off, schedule their usage around your lifestyle, and check their status wherever you are.

As well as making “dumb” stuff smart, MeWatt will also analyse the energy consumption of anything it’s plugged into. You can view a run-down of exactly how much energy your device uses every day, along with actionable recommendations on how and when to use your appliances to help you save energy, money, and downsize that carbon footprint.

One of the helpful insights MeWatt can give you is details of your devices’ “phantom energy usage” when they’re using energy when they shouldn’t be. MeWatt will also keep an eye on the shelf life of your devices and tell you when it’s probably time you upgraded.

For now, MeWatt is only available in the US and Canada. It’s still in the process of bringing in funding on Kickstarter, where US and Canada residents can pre-order it for $10 (£7).