Just TRY and knock this bad lad over.

We’ve all spilled a drink or two in our time – we’re mere humans, after all. Sometimes very drunk ones. But that doesn’t make it any less gut-wrenching when you watch a claggy pub carpet soak up your favourite blonde ale. It’s time to grab Mighty Mug’s beer glass and finally put an end to the horror.

With patented Smartgrip technology in its base, Mighty Mug’s beer glass comes with the tantalising promise that it can’t be spilled. Seriously. Tap it, slap it, knock it, punch it – bop it, if you will – and it will remain standing tall like a majestic warrior of receptacles.

Mighty Mug beer glassIt may look like magic, but there’s some solid science behind the glass’s no-spill skills. That Smartgrip tech we mentioned enables it to create a powerful airlock when you set it down. It grips to any smooth or solid surface – be it a table, patio, or your camping table.

Once it’s super-suctioned itself in place, it can withstand knocks from 360˚. That includes everything from an accidentally elbowing to your mate accidentally chucking their wallet at your drink.

Despite its steadfast resistance, the glass is able to differentiate between someone knocking it over, and someone merely trying to pick it up. It will still lift easily when you go for a sip.

What’s more, it’s practically unbreakable. It’s make from Crystal Clear Titan Plastic, so even if you did manage to somehow hack its Smartgrip base and knock it on a hard floor, it would probably just bounce a bit.

A beer glass isn’t Mighty Mug’s only offering for us hapless drinkers. It has a whole barware collection that includes a whisky tumbler and a wine glass that are equally as impervious to our clumsy ways.

And in case you’re wondering – yes, yes they can travel down escalators.

Mighty mug escalatorIf you’re ready to bid farewell to spillages for good, you can grab a pair of wine glasses, beer or lager glasses, or whisky tumblers from Mighty Mug’s online shop. It’s $29.99 (around £23) for two no-spill glasses.