There's nothing worse than a sweaty selfie.


Update: If you’re currently sitting & sweltering in the (very British) heatwave, you’ll be glad to know you can currently pick this gizmo up for £2.98 on Amazon WITH free delivery. QUICK!

A handheld fan is a wonderful thing for cooling off during the summer months, but it can be limiting in certain situations. Par example, when you’re holding your mojito in one hand, and trying to take a selfie of you drinking your mojito with the other. How is one supposed to ooze summer bliss in 32˚ heat without the assistance of personal air conditioning?

Luckily, the gadget of your dreams is here to save you from the sweaty, red-faced shame. It’s a mini iPhone fan, and it plugs into your iPhone’s charging port like a tiny helicopter propeller for a cooling breeze to your face. It doesn’t need any batteries because your iPhone powers it, and there’s no app because it works the instant you plug it in. Perfect.Haweel iPhone USB mini fan

You don’t just have to use it for concealing the fact that you’re a sweaty mess for selfies, either. It will work whether you’re using your iPhone or not, so you can browse Instagram, Facebook and text as normal while the fan spins away, or just hover it by your face like any other fan. Just make sure your ringtone volume isn’t set to maximum for the latter, because that’s going completely kill your chill summer vibe when you get a call.

There are various options available on Amazon for iPhone-compatible mini fans – this one is just £5.99.