It's like the bullet-proof vest of the wallet world.

Updated: The Mini Safe Wallet went live on Indiegogo and was funded in three hours. You can pre-order it now. Expect a release date in September 2016.

The humble wallet has been successfully fulfilling our cash and card-carrying needs pretty much since the beginning of time, but the security threats of the digital age mean that a simple leather pouch just won’t cut it anymore. The modern man needs immunity from hackers, scanners and card thieves. He needs something sturdy and indestructible.  Essentially, he needs a mini safe.

That’s what Ögon, the Swedish creator of the Mini Safe Wallet, would have you believe, anyway. A hard, lightweight stainless alloy wallet inspired by metallic suitcases, the Mini Safe Wallet is a code-encrypted brute that puts an impenetrable forcefield around your valuables and cash.

Mini Safe Wallet lifestyleLike Ögon’s full range of tough wallets, the Mini Safe Wallet essentially acts like a faraday cage, preventing magnetic waves from reaching your cards and demagnetising them. Plus, it’s RFID-safe, which means your cards are impervious to electromagnetic fields used by hackers and frauds to steal your identity through your pocket. Yep, that’s really a thing that happens.

Along with its high-security armour, the Mini Safe Wallet is also packing an IoT brain, which means you can prevent it from ever getting lost. In an app on your phone, you can track it, view its location and even set a virtual leash so that you’ll get an alert if your wallet ever strays out of comfortable range of your pocket.

Mini Safe Wallet codeOf course, in the event that anyone else does get hold of it, they’re not going to be able to get past its combination lock. Only you can access it, so it’s as useful to a stranger as an old boot.

If you’re not entirely sold on the idea of swapping your forgiving leather wallet for a hard-nut metal box in your pocket, it might comfort you to know that it’s actually something of a trend in Sweden. Thomas Marcel, the young face behind Ögon, was actually inspired to design the Mini Safe Wallet when he noticed Swedes using metal cigarette cases to carry their identity cards, credit cards and bank notes.

Plus, there’s still quite a bit of time left to consider your verdict. The Mini Safe Wallet needs to endure the scrutiny of crowdfunding before it goes on sale. You can sign up here to get news when the campaign launches.