It may look like a giant thermos, but MoJoe actually packs-in a full-on coffee machine too.

Need a morning coffee but hate spending £3 on it, not to mention the 10 minutes spent waiting in the queue? That’s what MoJoe is here to solve.

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This is a coffee thermos and maker in one. There are no half measures: you put the same ingredients in as you would with an espresso machine, and in return you get piping hot, properly brewed coffee.

It’s not witchcraft, just clever tech. Where espresso machines use a pump to get hot water flowing through the coffee grounds, this one uses a mix of drip brewing (gravity, basically) and a bit of pressure from the steam of the boiling process.

What’s really impressive about MoJoe is that it lets you put in water of any temperature and it’ll boil it to around 100 degrees before passing it through the grounds. It does this with a phone-like lithium battery. That thing must be packing some serious juice, because boiling water uses a lot of energy.

You just put the coffee grounds and water in the top, press a button on the side and wait a little while for MoJoe to do its thing.

Because taking around a big jar off fresh coffee grounds with you kinda ruins the whole idea, MoJoe Brewing is also kicking off a subscription service that gets you little sachets of coffee and coffee creamer. We imagine the latter will probably appeal to Americans more. We’re milk fans.

Compared to the price of kitchen espresso machines, it’s not too pricey either. Currently up on Kickstarter looking for funding, a single MoJoe costs just $79, or £53 in a direct conversion.



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