It keeps all of your many passwords safe, and remembers them so you don't have to.

There’s barely a single company, website or subscription service these days that doesn’t require you to pluck a memorable 8 digit combination of letters and numbers out of thin air to create a secure account. Not forgetting at least one uppercase letter and a symbol. Before you know it, you’ve got a complex alphabet soup that you’ll forget 10 minutes later.

Here to make life simpler is Mooltipass Mini – a pin-locked plug-in device that remembers every single password you ever create so that you don’t have to. Simply plug it into your computer’s USB drive, slot your personal smartcard in Mooltipass Mini’s special slot, and this clever little device will automatically remember the password for whatever account you’re trying to access and type it out for you.

Mooltipass MiniEven better – with a couple of knocks on the table beside your computer, you can approve password requests and automatically log in anywhere online. Mooltipass Mini will even give you a hand by generating long, complex, random passwords when you create a new account or need to change an existing password, keeping your online profile secure from hackers and cyber attacks.

Of course, you can always argue it’s cheaper and easier to write down all of your passwords on a piece of paper, but that’s not so safe. Anyone can pick up a piece of paper and steal your details, but only you an access Mooltipass Mini. The smartcard only activates inside MooltiPass Mini when you input your access code, and all of your passwords stored on the device’s flash storage are encrypted.

That means that even if someone else with a smartcard slotted it into your MooltiPass Mini, they wouldn’t be able to access your details; only your smartcard contains the AES-256bits key required to decrypt them. This means that you can actually use one smartcard with multiple Mooltipass Mini devices – or even use multiple smartcards with a single Mooltipass Mini. Just like a regular bank card, 3 false tries with your smartcard will permanently disable it.

Mooltipass Mini

Mooltipass Mini works with any computer, tablet, smartphone or device that can support a USB keyboard. There are no drivers required, and it can work on all operation systems from Windows and Mac OS, to Linux, Android and more. There’s already a Chrome extension available, and a Firefox version is in the works.

You can pre-order Mooltipass Mini from Kickstarter, where the current early bird price sits at £56. Shipping is set for January 2017 if the campaign is successful, and given it’s already smashed its funding goal with time left to go, it looks like that promise will hold.