No need to nick the covers any more - the Mooring smart sleep system makes both sides of the bed perfectly warm for you and your partner.

The battle to get the perfect combination of quilt thickness, mattress warmth and bedroom temperature is an ongoing domestic that most couple are probably all to familiar with. But thanks to the Mooring smart sleep system, there’s a way for both sides to have it just how they like it.

Mooring is a thermo-smart mattress pad that lives under the bedsheets to create the perfect environment for your body to drift off into dreamland. Essentially, it creates the ideal condition for your body’s circadian rhythm. With predictive learning tech to analyse your sleep cycles, the pad heats up to help you sleep, cools down to keep you in the zone throughout the night, and warms up again in the morning to rouse you calmly.

Mooring smart sleep system control

Just roll over and tap the control pad to take mattress climate control into your own hands

The clever bit is that Mooring is split right down the middle, meaning it can juggle the nightly cycles of both yours and you partner’s body. It can even wake you up individually too using a silent alarm. Moments before you wake, the pad will gradually heat up to induce a light sleep phase. Just before your alarm time, it will gently vibrate to bring you round.

In case you do want to manually adjust the temperature of the pad yourself, there’s a control pad which clips onto your bed for monitoring the conditions in your bedroom, setting the right temperature, and setting an alarm time. You can also use the Mooring phone app to toggle all of its variables, which will also display all of your sleep cycle stats for easy logging.

Mooring is a fully-funded Indiegogo project, but there’s still a month left to go before its campaign closes and production starts. You can pre-order it now for $179 (£123), with worldwide shipping set for October this year.