Wireless charging straight from your dashboard just became possible.

More and more of us are using our smartphones for music, apps and navigation while we drive, and while it’s amazing to be able to access all those great in-car features from a device in our pockets, it’s not exactly like our phones were designed to be used in the car. If you want to prime your phone for life on wheels, you need to grab Mountek Grip Qi.

A car mount for your iPhone or Android phone or tablet, Mountek Grip Qi lets you quickly snap your device at dashboard level for a super-quick getaway. It fits in your car’s CD slot, or failing that, your car’s air vent, and secures your device with soft silicone gel arms for a secure and comfy journey.

Mountek Grip QiThat’s all well and good – your favourite sat nav is right where you can see it and your music app is just a tap away – but that doesn’t really solve the fact that your phone battery is going to get guzzled up like nobody’s business. That, ladies and gentleman, is where Mountek Grip Qi gets really crafty.

With a wireless charging brain hidden within, Mountek Grip Qi can juice up your gadgets with up to 14 watts of fast charging power.. If you’ve got a newer Samsung phone (S3 through to S7), it should already be Qi-ready, and Mountek promises to make a Qi-enabled iPhone case if it hits its funding goal on Kickstarter.

Want to treat your passengers on the back seat to some in-car entertainment too? Grab Mountek Grip Qi’s Backseat upgrade to fix your device to the back of your headrest.

Mountek Grip Qi back seatAnd once you’ve parked up, Mountek Grip Qi’s one-hand release function makes it easy to grab your phone and go without a fuss.

Mountek Grip Qi one hand releaseThe great news is that Mountek Grip Qi stormed past its funding goal on Kickstarter, and is taking pre-orders at $48 (£37) for an estimated delivery in July this year. Prices go up to $155 (£118) depending on the add-ons and bundle you’re after.