At your wit's end with your sleepless baby? Nanit could be your saviour.

The mission to get a baby to settle and go to sleep is the tech world’s Everest. We’ve seen everything from smart booties and changing mats to bottles and formula machines galore attempt to come to the rescue, but we’ve never seen anything quite like Nanit.

Touting itself as ‘part baby monitor, part translator, part sleep guru’, Nanit is equipped with a HD camera that watches and analyses your baby from above. That camera isn’t just designed for a spot of cot surveillance, though. With computer vision, it can learn how your baby moves, and even detect if they’re fidgeting, wide awake, or sleeping like an angel.

Nanit baby monitor bird's eye viewWith an app on your phone, you can get notifications straight from Nanit to let you know what your little one is up to, alerting you if you need go and settle them. The app will track all your visits to the cot, and will even monitor room conditions like temperature and humidity, helping you make sure the nursery is always a tranquil haven.

Come morning, you can take a bleary-eyed look at a highlight reel from the previous night, with a sleep score and stats like sleep quality percentage, time asleep, and settle time. It’s designed to help you see improvements in sleep over time, and there’s also the opportunity to celebrate sleep victories, which should be a nice little motivator when you feel like your own sleep score is in need of some love.

Nanit baby monitorNanit is also great if you’re leaving your baby in the capable hands of a nanny, family member or friend for the night. You can to track exactly when your baby was put to bed, how long it took to get to sleep, how many night visits they had, and all of the usual stats in your absence. That should bring some much-needed peace of mind to new parents who are wary of parting from their recent little addition.

Putting smart tech in the nursery might not be all parents’ cup of tea, but Nanit has some bonus features to make it a much friendlier cot-side gaget. It has ceiling-directed warm LED night lights that gradually dim to sooth your baby to sleep, and even emits nature sounds and white noise to help your baby drift into dreamland.

Nanit is shipping to sleep-hungry parents in September this year, and is up for pre-order here for $329 (£250). If that seems steep, you can always bag the basic bundle for $279 (£212), which comes without the sleep tracking and behaviour insights.