This little blue box puts you in control of an entire household of super smart gadgets from a single app on your phone.

Want to get an Internet of Things home but not sure where to get started? Well, first you need a hub. And nCube wants to be that hub.

From your lightbulbs and blinds to your security camera, thermostat and television, nCube puts simple, seamless home automation at your fingertips. Enjoy alerts to your phone when the kids walk through the door, lights automatically on in the kitchen ready for breakfast time, and a security system that works around your schedule with nCube’s simple setup.

nCube smart home hub

With nCube sitting on your coffee table and the app installed on your phone, you can remotely create heating and hot water schedules, choose settings like Holiday Mode to save energy the easy way while you’re out of town, and add your “dumb” appliances to your automated family of gadgets with smart-making plugs like these Incipio ones.

Unlike a lot of other smart home platforms that are confined to select brands, nCube is compatible with pretty much any brand of gadget, be it Sonos, Nest or Philips. That’s because the hub is both Z-Wave and Zigbee compatible; the two most common radio frequencies that smart gadgets use to communicate.

nCube with app

It’s also unique in that it will keep things ticking along even when you’re offline, so a slow internet connect or a period of down-time isn’t going to stop your alarm systems working or send your heating schedule into a frenzy. You can still control everything from the app on your phone.

In another rare home automation move, nCube doesn’t send any of your information to central servers or a cloud, saving it within the device itself to keep your home automation system secure and private.

You can buy nCube here for £149.