Think your hot, invigorating morning shower can’t possibly get any better? Think again...

Given shower technology has barely moved on since the ancient Greeks pumped water through lead pipes into communal shower rooms, it’s about time things changed. And Nebia is the bathroom gadget for the job.

By atomising water into millions of tiny droplets, Nebia creates a larger surface area to shower under, resulting in a wet mist that promises to wash you more effectively than any other shower available.

With both an overhead nozzle and a handheld shower head, Nebia washes you from all angles to create what the makers claim to be a “significantly superior” shower experience. Ooh-er.

Nebia ShowerSounds like luxury to us. But apart from feeling much nicer than the average shower, what are the high-tech benefits that had big players like Apple’s Tim Cooke and Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt pledging their support on Kickstarter?

According to its makers, Nebia saves 70 per cent of water per shower based on the average US user, making it a massive 13 times more thermally efficient than the average shower. That’s not just a happier bank balance, but a healthier planet too.

Nebia Shower on offThe great thing is that there are no engineering costs because practically anyone can install it. Once you swap your old shower head for Nebia, you’re set to set douching the smart way.

If you’re already dreaming of escaping cold wintery mornings under a warm, hazy mist, you can pre-order it now for $375 (around £285). Shipping is set for later in 2016.