It's like patrolling your home when you're not even there.

Smart thermostat maker and generally great smart home tech giant Nest has launched an outdoor version of its eyeball-like Nest Cam Indoor, and it puts you in control of protecting your home wherever you are.

The all-weather Nest Cam Outdoor perches outside your house to capture 24/7 live video of all the action on your property. Its 130˚ wide-angle view lens with night vision will swoop to catch the action, beaming super-clear 1080-pixel video to an app on your phone wherever you are in the world.

Like a faithful guard dog, Nest Cam Outdoor will perk up when it detects activity, and send you an instant alert to tell you there’s something afoot. In the event you need to intervene, the 2-way chat function lets you speak through the camera to ward off burglars. Also great for a spot of doorstep banter with the postman.

Nest Cam OutdoorIf you want to go the extra mile with Nest Cam Outdoor, you can subscribe to Nest Aware and get a few more nifty tricks in the app. These include special alerts when Nest Cam sees a person, the ability to record save a complete 10 to 30 day history, and a tool for creating clips and time-lapses to download and keep. Nest Aware costs $10 (around £7.50) a month, but there’s a free trial to begin with.

To keep maintenance simple, Nest simply plugs into a power source for 24/7 security. It’s a nice touch. There’s no faffing about with charging cables or swapping in batteries every month, which can be the bane of smart home owners’ lives.

The Nest Cam Outdoor is launching in the US this summer, and will be hitting Europe “sometime in 2016”, according to Nest. It will cost around £159. You can sign up here to be among the first to know when it arrives.