The developer platform will allow third-party developers to delve into Netatmo's line of connected smart home gadgets.

There are good times ahead for those in possession of Netatmo’s line of smart home gadgets. The French connected tech maker just announced the launch of Netatmo Connect – a developer platform that will allow developers to design and create new possibilities for Netatmo’s gadgets.

The gadgets in question are the Netatmo Welcome indoor security camera, Netatmo’s smart (and dashingly handsome) thermostat, and last but not least its connected weather station. With the Netatmo Connect platform, which is broken down into three programmes, developers will be able to hook up connected objects, services and apps with Netatmo’s smart trio.

First in line to smarten up the scene is the platform’s Smart Home section, which lets developers create interactions between Netatmo products and other connected tech, which we’re imagining will enable all kinds of IFTTT-esque recipe magic to take place. Then, there’s Netatmo Weather, which lets developers pull weather data measures by global Netatmo weather station to give users accurate forecasts.

Thirdly, there’s an Enterprise element to the platform, providing the opportunity to help customers analyse their energy consumption – a growing demand given practically everything needs plugging in and switching on these days.

On top of its announcement, Netatmo is also launching an app competition where anyone can try their hand at creating an app for one of the programs. It’s taking entries until 1st July, and will announce a winner on 15th July.