Get tailored feedback about how to make your home a more comfortable healthy and peaceful place to live.

Connected home gadget maker Netatmo already has some great smart devices to monitor the weather and conditions outside, but its latest offering, the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, is more concerned with what’s happening behind closed doors.

Packed full of sensors to monitor humidity, air quality, noise and temperature, the Healthy Home Coach connects to an app on your phone to help you manage the environment in your house. That’s going to be handy for practically anyone who wants to zen up their living space, but it’s particularly great for making the baby’s nursery a haven, or helping kids with asthma and other conditions breathe easy at home.

Netatmo Healthy Home CoachThe Healthy Home Coach works by providing tailored feedback to an app on your home. For instance, it might tell you when you need to turn your humidifier off to prevent itchy skin from dry air – or mould from too much humidity. Its air quality sensor can work out if your rooms are poorly ventilated and give you tips on how to keep things nice and breezy. Those noise sensors will even let you know if there’s something in the house waking the baby up at night.

There’s bonus news for Apple HomeKit users, because the Healthy Home Coach is fully compatible with any HomeKit device you throw at it. If you’re operating on iOS 10, this puts Healthy Home Coach at your beck and call straight from your iPhone’s lock screen. Plus, it means the device will work harmoniously with smart home players such as Philips Hue.

Netatmo hasn’t announced a release date for the Healthy Home Coach just yet, but you can sign up here to be among the first to know when it becomes available.