Get detailed alerts to your phone when there's movement on your driveway.

If your current home security system’s lack of functionality frustrates you, this Netatmo Presence camera will be right up your street.

Equipped with people, pets and car detection, the brand new security camera from smart home player Netatmo can tell you exactly what’s lurking at the front of your house. Whether it’s a delivery van, next door’s cat or a person who shouldn’t be there, the clever object recognition feature will instantly alert you to the action wherever you are.

In the cam’s companion app, you can view a complete log of what was on your property and when, and if you catch the alert on time you can even access the cam’s live video feed to watch in the moment. If you want a closer look, you can pinch to zoom in on subjects straight from your phone screen.

Netatmo Presence will only start recording if there’s something happening and save all footage to its onboard SD card, so you won’t be laden with hours of empty footage.

Infra-red night vision means you’ll always be able to identify nocturnal goings on, and the camera even has a floodlight that’s triggered by movement. You can use the app to adjust how sensitive the floodlight is, and also toggle the camera’s object sensitivity range up to around 65 feet.

netatmo-presence-security-camera-appIf you don’t want the whole of your front yard monitored by the camera, you can use the Alert Zones feature to create custom areas that the camera keeps an eye on. That way, you won’t be getting alerts every time your next door neighbour trims his hedge, or when someone walks by your front garden.

The great news is that Netatmo Presence is really easy to install. It simply fixes in place of your old outdoor light, so you don’t have to drill any extra holes or bring in the builders.

Netatmo Presence hasn’t been released yet, but you can sign up here to get news when it’s available.