This slender home security camera keeps your home safe while respecting your privacy.

Face recognition is slowly creeping its way into our smart homes via the front door, à la this clever Doorbird smart doorbell that lets you know when there’s a friend waiting to come in. But Netatmo Welcome takes it one step further by putting the clever tech on the front line of your home security system.

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The indoor security camera has night vision, a 130-degree field of view, and HD video capture, connecting to the internet in order to send all of its footage to an app on your phone in real-time.

Its crowning glory, however, is its ability to recognise the faces of people coming through your door, and send a notification to your phone to let you know who’s entering – kind of like a PA for your home.

You’ll be able to assign names to your various guests, which means that if anyone comes in who Welcome doesn’t recognise, you’ll get a stranger alert. It also means you’ll be able to disable video recording for individuals, like your neighbour coming in to water the plants while you’re away, or teenagers who aren’t overly keen on having their comings and goings documented.

In the app, you can view a complete log of all of Welcome’s memories, including past footage and logged events, as well as the live-stream of its footage.

The real boon is that Welcome doesn’t look particularly like a security camera. It’s sporting the same sleek anodised aluminium shell as some of our other favourite Netatmo smart devices, helping it blend into the background on any surface in your home. Much more friendly that hovering on the wall above your guests’ heads, Big Brother-style.

Netatmo Welcome is £199 from