There shouldn't be a time limit on music, right? That's why EcoXgear is launching Sol Jam, the portable Bluetooth speaker that never runs out of juice.

Imagine if you could play your favourite tunes any time, anywhere, without having to worry about that ever-diminishing battery bar. Well, if EcoXgear’s new Bluetooth speaker, Sol Jam, lives up to its hype, that could very well be possible.

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Launching in early 2016, Sol Jam is a dinky Bluetooth music cube kitted out with cutting-edge Suncor solar panels. When regularly placed in a sunny spot for long enough, EcoXgear claims Sol Jam can suck up enough life-giving sunlight to never need plugging in again.

Impressed? That’s not even that start of it. EcoXgear claims Sol Jam can also charge your other devices using the power it harvests from the sun, meaning it essentially doubles as a one-stop charging shop for your smartphone, tablet, iPod, and all of the other gadgets you hold dear. Now that is a speaker we don’t mind carrying everywhere.

If you’re in the market for a Bluetooth speaker that can join you on the beach or at the pool, you’re in luck. EcoXgear claims Sol Jam is the first portable speaker in the industry with a waterproof rating of IP68. That means it can withstand complete, continuous submersion in water. Crikey.

Anyone who can’t bear to parted from their music collection on the go should definitely give Sol Jam a pop. Release dates aren’t confirmed yet, but EcoXgear says it will cost $150 (£100).

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