It's an all-in-one smart home maker for security, lighting, and the most high-tech family meeting you'll ever have...

Smart home hubs are the best way to turn your household of smart gadgets into a close-knit team that bows to your orders. Most hubs look like WiFi routers or speakers with little or no buttons, merely acting as a gateway to put you in control from an app on your phone. With that in mind, it’s refreshing to meet NuBryte Touchpoint – a smart hub that has grand ambitions way beyond its station.

We say hub – NuBryte Touchpoint is actually being touted as a console. That’s its first anomaly. Next up is the that fact it looks less like a router-hub, and more like an iPad. It’s a sleek touchscreen tablet that mounts on the wall in place of your existing light switch. There’s anomaly number 3; most hubs usually sit on the coffee table or near your router.

When it comes to what NuBryte Touchpoint can do, it’s probably quicker to list the common smart home tricks it can’t pull off. With its WiFi brain, motion sensors, built-in wide angle camera and alarm siren, Nubryte Touchpoint can make your home a smart home in minutes. It can control your existing smart gadgets on-demand or with schedules, dim and control any dimmable bulbs in your house, auto-stream video footage to your phone, and even give you weather updates, calendar reminders and home energy data.

If you splash out on two of the devices, you can pop them in separate rooms and use them to hold wireless intercom chats. Do your family meetings tend to get a bit heated? Stick a few of these smart screens in different rooms and you can remotely disagree about whose job it is to clean out the guinea-pig hutch without anyone getting hurt.

Of course, it would be impractical if you could only control NuBryte Touchpoint from the console itself, so there’s the obligatory phone app (iOS and Android) that gives you remote control over all of the device’s schedules and functions.

The great thing about NuBryte Touchpoint is that there are no hidden subscription fees or costly add-ons. All of its great features are ready to roll when you pop it in your Amazon cart. It’s just $199 (£136), which isn’t half bad for an all-in-one smart home.