A pet owner's greatest fear is losing their pet - keep them in your sights at all times with this neat little tracking collar.

Being a pet owner is a lot like parenthood. From the moment they’re born you worry they’ll become ill, get lost, fall into the wrong hands, not come at night…leave something undesirable on the doorstep. If that portfolio is fear for your furry friend is all too real for you – you’ll do well to consider Nuzzle.

A colourful little attachment for your cat or dog’s existing collar, Nuzzle is a GPS-tracking device that lets you pinpoint their exact location at any time of day, wherever you are. Whether you’re at work, on holiday, at the shops, or just anywhere away from home and suddenly overcome with the need to know where they are, just visit the Nuzzle app on your phone to get a lovely reminder like this that Rex is chilling in his favourite spot:

Nuzzle app

The Nuzzle app can tell you in seconds whether your little adventurer is home or away.

As well as scoping out your pet’s location on demand, the Nuzzle app will also tell you handy information like the temperature of their environment, and how long they’ve been walking, running or sleeping. There’s even a built-in impact detector to let you know if your pet experiences a knock or bump while they’re out playing, which means you can always act quickly if there’s ever cause for concern.

One of the great features with Nuzzle is geo-fencing, which allows you to create virtual fences around particular areas on a map and get a notification if your pet ever crosses the boundaries. That’s going to be particularly useful for cat owners who live near main roads or construction sites, or dog owners whose adventurous little furballs are prone to wandering off just like this intrepid Nuzzle wearing fella:

Nuzzle dog

Even the most audacious little daredevils can’t hide from Nuzzle’s geo-fencing feature.

Of course, Nuzzle is waterproof to make sure it never conks out when your pet gets caught in the rain or decides to take a dip in next door’s fish pond. Its battery will power on for around 5 days, and is easily juiced up with a charging cable. You can either clip the Nuzzle module to your dog’s existing collar, or use the sturdy collar that comes with it.

You can pre-order Nuzzle here for $169 (£117). Shipping is expected to start in November this year.