Fancy signing up your house for a smart makeover?

If you’ve been eyeing up smart thermostats, sensors, cameras and plugs and wondering how on earth you’ll ever afford to join the smart home elite – stop. O2 might have just the thing for you. It’s called O2 Home, and it’s the UK’s first smart home subscription package.

O2 Home will fix you up with a ready-made smart home for all of the remote control toggling you’ve been dreaming of, offering three separate gadget packages depending on what level of smart you’re after. You can control all of the gadgets via O2’s proprietary app.

First up is O2 Comfort, which rigs up your house with a Tado smart thermostat, two smart plugs, a presence sensors and the O2 Smart Home, which wirelessly links all those gadgets together. That plan will set you back up to £30 per month.

O2 Home Connect

A bundle of O2 Home Connect gadgets costs £20 a month

Next in line is O2 Home View, which sorts you out with some security-savvy gadgets. For £30 a month, you’ll get the O2 Hub, a Samsung SmartCam, one wide view camera, a presence sensors and one open, one close sensor.

Lastly, there’s O2 Home Connect. This package is the cheapest deal at £20 a month, and comes with the essentials – the O2 Smart Hub, two presence sensors, two open and close sensors and two smart plugs.

There’s also an annual health check included with the subscription price of each package, which covers free call outs for any issues that O2 can’t solve over the phone for you. O2 will professionally install each kit too, saving technophobes and luddites the horror of trying to rig up an intimidating smart thermostat all by themselves.

Obviously, the allure with O2 Home is that you don’t have to sweat over rigging up your own smart home and making sure what you’re buying is going to be compatible with your hub of choice. There’s a lot to be said for someone else just making the decision for you.

O2 Home tado thermostat

O2 will professionally install all three O2 Home packages

You won’t have to fork out for expensive smart home gadgets all at once either, which can take you into the hundreds of £££s if you’re not careful. But still, £30 a month isn’t cheap. If you saved that for 6 months, you’d be able to buy the Tado smart thermostat outright. It’s definitely worth weighing up your motivation for signing up before you take the plunge.

O2 Home is currently only available in the London area, but O2 promises it will be rolling out to the rest of the country soon. Read more about O2 home here.