Oomph is a tiny portable coffee machine that lets you brew and drink the perfect cup o' joe on the go. And it's now accepting pre-orders

Updated: Oomph have just told us that they significantly overshot their Kickstarter funding target and as a result, are now accepting pre-orders on Indiegogo. Find out more here.

With an integrated plunger and mini turbine, the Oomph self-contained coffee maker-cum-travel cup is the perfect way for coffee geeks to get their caffeine fix wherever they are.

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In the words of its maker Oomph takes the principles of an espresso machine and puts them in your hands. With one of these portable little wonder-cups in tow, you’re a roving barista. Except you’re not obliged to give any of your coffee to strangers.

Oomph has both an inner and outer shell, with a ‘smart flow turbine’ in the base. And that’s it. No batteries, cables, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi in sight. Clever design alone makes some serious coffee science happen.

The brewing process is simple too, with just a few easy steps in-between you and a steaming cup of pure liquid gold. To begin, sling in a spoonful of your favourite grounds. Oomph is designed to work with pretty much any grind, so go bananas and throw in something exotic, if you like.

Next, add hot water to the outer fill level. Top up with a little more hot water, and add the outer shell in preparation for the most fun bit. Plunging.

Slowly press down the outer shell to give Oomph a good old-fashioned plunge. This makes the water travel through the coffee grounds and smart flow turbine, before rising up the outside of the cup.

Finally, add sugar and milk as desired, and drink up – straight from Oomph. Oomph is insulated to keep your coffee at the perfect drinking temperature, and also locks out the grinds from the coffee once it’s brewed to prevent extra unwanted bitterness.

Oomph has an ergonomic design to precent accidental spillages while you’re sipping on the train, tube, or bus, and it’ll fit in most car cup holders too.

It’s also super-easy to clean when you’re done. Just pop in some water and plunge for about fifteen seconds to flush everything out.

Grab an Oomph from its Kickstarter campaign for $37 (£25). Shipping is set for April 2016.


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