The Orange Chef kitchen Countertop is a smart board that works with the gadgets you already have to help you towards a healthier, happier you.

It may look like an average set of kitchen scales, but as well as doing the job of weighing your ingredients, Countertop tracks ingredients as you cook, sends step-by-step recipes to your iPhone, and monitors your nutritional intake. Paired with some of these smart kitchen gadgets it’ll make home cooking so easy you’ll wonder what the fuss was about!

Lucky users of Vitamix blenders and Crock-Pot slow cookers will be able to get hold of special adaptors to connect their devices to Countertop via NFC (radio communication, in our language) so that it can suggest recipes based on what cooking device you’re using.

Wearers of the fitness band Jawbone Up will be pleased to know that the Countertop app collects their workout stats and suggests the best post-exercise meals, with full instructions so you can get cooking the moment you kick off your trainers.

If you don’t own an iPhone or use Crock-Pot or Vitamix devices, don’t give up hope of having one of these handy kitchen companions. Countertop is already hatching plans to partner with even more kitchenware makers to create a bigger network of connected devices, and an Android app is already underway.

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