Order vintage furniture from the comfort of your living room thanks to Trove Market's new partnership with Apple TV.


Got Apple TV? Love vintage furniture? Then you’re in the niche, yet lucky few who can benefit from Trove Market’s announcement that it’ll be available via Apple TV.

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If you don’t already know about it, Trove Market is kind of like a stripped-down eBay for anyone with a penchant for charming old furniture. It’s set up up so you can connect with sellers and buyers in your area to bid, chat, arrange a friendly hand-over, and maybe even make some new friends.

Now available via your Apple TV box, Trove Market will let you browse its eclectic marketplace and make an offer on a piece that you like simply by tapping the button of your Apple remote. The tvOS app will then automatically sync your offer with the app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch to let you continue chatting with the seller via a device with a keyboard, rather than using the Apple remote, which is sans keyboard.

For us lowly viewers without Apple TV, we’ll have to make do with Trove Market’s website, or its Android and iOS app for now.