Want to get your kids ready for the big scary (digital) world? You probably can't do much better than Osmo...

Most parents are loathe to plop their kids in front a screen, but what if that screen could teach them vital skills to future-proof them for the increasingly digital life that stretches out ahead of them?

We’re talking about Osmo – an iPad game that not only sounds tons of fun, but also teaches logic skills and problem solving skills via the medium of coding. With the Osmo app fired up and Osmo’s tactile building blocks laid out on the table, budding coders can build custom commands to guide Awbie – a strawberry-loving digital character – on a tree-shaking, strawberry-guzzling adventure.

The building blocks mainly represent simple commands, like jump, walk forward, or take a step left, but there are also modifier blocks that kids can add to the sequences, like “loop” and “if-then”. Multiple kids can play together on the same iPad too, which is a nice touch. A bit of gentle encouragement to play nice with siblings is never unwelcome. Not to mention Osmo’s makers’ promise that it will fire up your child’s imagination, inspire dreams and build confidence (er, is there a version for adults?).

To make this magic happen, Osmo leverages some pretty genius smart tech. It combines software, visual recognition tech and a strategically-placed mirror and base to translate the building blocks in front of the screen into a digital environment.

Obviously, you’re going to need that mirror and base, which you might already have if you’ve explored Osmo’s existing interactive iPad games. If so, you can just buy Osmo Coding alone for £39. If you haven’t already got the mirror and base, you can grab them as part of the Osmo Starter Kit, which is £69 and comes with four Osmo learning games – not including Coding.