It's like having an always available tour guide with encyclopaedic knowledge of the city.

Finding somewhere to eat in the city can be a laborious task. Once you’ve trawled through every good, bad and outrageous review for all the top curry houses on TripAdvisor, read the menus and checked opening hours, you’re just about willing to lie down on the pavement and be drip-fed puréed chicken Balti.

But the heartache is finally over, folks, because help is now here in the form of Ozlo, an artificial intelligence chatbot. Ozlo is like having a really, really knowledgable tour guide who will always text you back. Simply open the Ozlo app on your phone, ask him where’s best to go for your favourite cuisine, and he will reply within seconds.

Ozlo GIF

Ozlo lets you scroll through a menu without having to leave the chat window.

As well as suggesting the best local restaurants and cafés based on your unique preferences, Ozlo will also provide you with all the links information you need to quickly make a decision. He will summon up a menu on demand that you can swipe through within the chat window, show you where your desired restaurant is on a map, and hone in on eateries that specialise in cuisines like paleo, vegetarian and gluten-free. All in one brief, easy-going text conversation.

The only bit of bad news is that Ozlo is still in development, and can currently only understand around 70% of what you say to him. To become a better AI chatbot, he needs to speak to more humans to develop his language and know-how. If you’re up for joining him at the beginning of his journey, you can sign up here to be among a select 10,000 participants who get give him a spin. It’s first come first serve, and there’s no news on an official release date just yet.Find out more button