Lights, PawsCam, Action!

Want to know what your dog is really getting up to when you’re out of the house? Of course you do. Bring on PetCam – a lightweight collar camera that  turns your pooch into a roving one-man (dog) film crew.

Just like a real-life film crew, PetCam only starts recording when something interesting is happening. Its onboard sensors will trigger the camera to start shooting as soon as they detect doggy motion like standing, rolling, chasing, jumping and licking. Lights and other environmental factors will also nudge the camera into action.

PawsCam runningPetCam shoots 480-pixel video in short 6-second bursts to give you a snippet of the action,and can save up to 4G of video clips during the day. When you get home from work, PetCam will auto-upload the day’s cuts to the PetCam app on your phone for your perusal.

All of your dog’s best bits get stored to the Cloud, as well as appearing on your PawsCam timeline straight after uploading. There are buttons in the app for sharing your mutt’s moments with its adoring followers on social media.

PawsCam appPawsCam is climbing its way to stardom on Indiegogo, where you can pre-order it now for an early bird price. Its current lowest price is $99 (around £74).