A tiny tracking, sensing, photo-snapping Bluetooth remote for everything in your life.

Wish there was one button for everything? Pebblebee Stone claims to be just that. With the ability to control your phone remotely, track your stuff, and command an army of smart home gadgets with a single button, PebbleBee Stone wants to be the shortcut to your life.

Just what shortcut you take when you press the stone’s button is entirely up to you. Using the Pebblebee phone app (iOS and Android), you can decide whether it triggers your phone to take a selfie, send a Slack message to your colleague while you’re driving, or even skip your music track. How handy is that?

pebblebee-stonePebblebee Stone can integrate with IFTTT to let you configure entire smart home “scenes” too. For instance, you might decide that you want the kitchen lights to turn on, your blinds to open and the kettle to boil all at once when you wake up in the morning. You can set that up using IFTTT, call it your “Morning” scene, and tap Pebblebee Stone when you wake up to make the magic happen.

When it’s not being a remote for pretty much everything, Pebblebee Stone can be fixed onto objects to act as a handy tracking device. Be it your umbrella, jacket, water bottle or even the dog, Pebblebee and its host item can be tracked from your phone using crowd GPS. It has motion sensors, so you can set up alerts for when Pebblebee moves out of range, or even just budges slightly.

PebbleBee StonePebblebee Stone also has a temperature gauge (of course it does). Just stick it in your car, the garage, or your wine cellar and get timely alerts to your phone when a certain temperature is reached. It’s waterproof too, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it in a damp cellar overnight.

The very best bit? You can grab one for just $30 (£23) from Pebblebee.