Remote dog feeding and cat taunting just became a whole lot easier.

Petcube is a genius pet cam that lets you indulge in all kinds of remote pet play when you’re out and about via an app on your phone. And if that’s not enough to ease your guilt and anxiety at leaving your pets home alone, two new Petcube gadgets just launched on Kickstarter to make bonding with your pet from afar tons easier.

First up is Petcube Bites, a treat-flinging cam that you load up with your dog’s favourite snacks. With the Petcube app on your phone, you can choose to dispense a treat from wherever you are and see crystal-clear footage of your pooch snaffling it up.

If your dog tends to get a bit bored and mischievous when you leave him to hold down the fort, Petcube Bites should be a handy way to train him with positive reinforcement and correct bad behaviour. You can talk through the camera too in case your dog needs some words of encouragement – or a gentle reminder to stop chewing the arm of the sofa.

Next up is Petcube play, which puts you in remote control of a laser pointer by dragging your finger across your phone screen in the Petcube app. There’s an HD camera with zoom and night vision to let you interact with your lonely kitty all hours of the day and, like Petcube Bites, you can talk to your cat via the camera. Not that it’s ever listening.

Both brand new devices are up for pre-order with an estimated delivery date of November this year. Petcube Play’s current early bird price sits at $119 (around £91), while Petcube Bites is a little pricier at $149 (£114).