Machine-assisted dog play for times when you just want to put your feet up.

Throwing a ball for your dog is tons of fun for the first ten minutes until you realise that furry little ball of energy is prepared to carry on this game until its legs drop off. Not to worry – this PetSafe automatic ball launcher is here to save you the tedium – and the arm ache.

With 9 distance settings and 6 angles to choose from, the PetSafe automatic ball launcher will robotically lob a tennis ball for your dog’s delight while you’re busy chilling with a gin and tonic.

It’s great for the garden…

PetSafe ball launcherInside the house…

PetSafe Ball Launcher indoor

And even for talking on walkies…PetSafe Ball Launcher portable

Depending on the size of your space, this machine can hurl a ball up to 30 feet, which should be more than enough to keep Fido exercised and entertained.

And because every doggy needs a little down time, the ball launcher schedules in regular 15 minute intervals to make sure your pup doesn’t over-dose on fun. There are also interactive settings that help train your dog to get used to loading up the machine with tennis balls, like these clever pups:

PetSafe Ball launcher trainingTo avoid any painful ball-to-the-face mishaps, it’s also equipped with safety sensors to make sure it doesn’t power-throw a tennis ball at the dog – or you – at close range, which is a relief.

You can buy the PetSafe automatic ball launcher from Amazon for $149.95 (around £104).