It will be like having lightbulbs with eyes.

Anyone dabbling in some smart home lighting magic with Philips Hue lightbulbs will soon be able to use a motion sensor to activate their lights hands-free in a jiffy.

Going on sale in October for $39.95 (around £30), the motion sensor can be mounted anywhere you like in your house to catch movement, and controls up to 12 lightbulbs supported by a Philips Hue Bridge (a router-style gadget that connects Philips Hue products to an app on your phone wirelessly).

It does pretty much what you’d expect from a motion sensor – picking up movement within around 16.5 feet away, and turning on bulbs when it senses someone coming. Lights will switch off automatically too, after a time limit you choose in the Philips Hue app.

Philips Hue

Philips Hue lightbulbs let you control your light fittings from an app on your phone

There are some cool extras too. The lights will dim before they switch off – a nice little touch that gives you chance to move and trigger them to switch on again in case you’ve just been sitting really still for a while.

Other nifty bonuses include being able to set the motion sensor to only turn on lights when a room is dark, helping you preserve precious energy in the daytime when you don’t need the lights on. You can use the app to make the motion sensor behave differently during the day and night too – handy, for instance, if you don’t necessarily want your motion sensor to trigger certain lights in the night when you’ve only walked past to go to the loo.

Read more about the motion sensor here. Don’t have Philips Hue? Explore the range here.