Wish there was a way to feel close to your partner when you're miles apart? Pillow Talk lulls you to sleep with the rhythm of your loved one's heart beat.


Updated: Pillow Talk is now available for pre-ordering from its site, for £125, with a summer 2016 release date.

Pillow Talk is an alternative to the grainy Skype chats, strained small-talk phone convos, and heart emoji-crammed text messages that come with any long-distance relationship.

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It uses tech to make you feel closer to your loved one than ever, but doesn’t even make you lay a finger on your smartphone.

When both you and your partner are hooked up to Pillow Talk, you’ll be able to hear and feel each other’s heart beats in real time gently drumming through your pillows. No dodgy video signal to kill the romance or awkward silences when the conversation runs dry. Just drifting off soundly to the soothing rhythm of your partner’s heart beat.

Pillow Talk has two parts: a heart-rate-sensing wristband that you wear while you’re asleep and a speaker that tucks discreetly under your pillow. You can remove the speaker’s soft cover if you want the sound to be deeper and louder, or even cradle the speaker in your hands as if you’re feeling truly heart-sick.

If you want to tune in when you don’t have the speakers to hand, you can also listen in the Pillow Talk companion app using headphones. It’s free on both iOS and Android phones, and acts as the vital link between your Pillow Talk modules.

You’ll also need to plug your pillow speaker into your phone adapter to power it up, but it’s no different from the usual drill of plugging your phone in to charge it every night. And as for your wristband, that’ll run for a good few nights before the sensor needs charging with a micro USB cable. It pops out of the wristband too so you can wash the fabric band without damaging the tech.

You can sign yourself up for an early bird Pillow Talk package over on its Kickstarter campaign. One wristband and speaker is £52, and a pack of two is £98.


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