Nail that sunset time lapse, get perfect group shots or set up for some FaceTiming with this handy card-sized Pocket Tripod for your phone.

While our phone cameras just keep getting better and better, the sad fact remains that our phones are unwieldy little instruments that were never designed for the purposes of photography. If you’re fed up of fumbling with your phone like it’s a bar of soap to take a simple picture, Pocket Tripod is about to become your new best friend.

Whether you’re taking group shots of your mates, stunning time-lapses of the city at night or just propping up your phone for a video chat, Pocket Tripod is there to make life easy. A credit-card, lightweight sized little gizmo that slips in your wallet, Pocket Tripod quickly unfolds to become the ultimate tripod for your annoyingly rectangular phone.

Pocket Tripod in action

It’s super-easy to get your phone snapper at the perfect angle for shooting.

With a range of interchangeable adaptors to tightly grasp any size of phone, Pocket Tripod lets you position your phone at the perfect angle and vantage point to get that winning shot. It also comes with a range of interchangeable adaptors, which let you get the most comfortable fit for your phone and – if you’re using one – its case. You can pop your phone in both portrait and landscape positions, and in the case of the latter, Pocket Tripod actually separates to make sure your screen view isn’t obstructed.

Pocket Tripod has crushed its funding goal on Kickstarter, which means its release date of July should probably still hold. You can place a pre-order right now to get in before it hits full price; early bird deals start at $18, and go up depending on how many extra adaptor sizes you want thrown in. It’s available in black and white.